– How To Activate Citi Credit Card? – The Citi bank is was the consumer division of the financial services multinational Citigroup. The Citi bank was also know as the products of it like credit card, Mortgages, Personal loans, Commercial banking and Lines of credit.

The Citi banks parent was Citigroup. They have key people in it like Barbara Desoer he was a Chairman and Sunil Garg was a CEO. In 1812 the Citi was started in New York and it was established more than 200 plus years under of direction of Samuel Osgood Citi. The headquarters was in New York City and New York. The Citi was started to grow in 2012 it made $1,913,902,000,000 and they have 260,00 employees, 4,598 branches and in territories and countries they can be found more than 117. And the most useful thing is the Citi banks cards support to Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Credit cards variety are offered by Citi, such as:

  • The Simplicity Card of Citi.
  • The credit cards have four different Citi AAdvantage.
  • The credit cards have five different Citi Thank You.
  • All the cards have great offer benefits.


To confirm the details and to verify and want more information, you can go directly to the site and get all the details in it.

For new card holder with Citi Card that you need of help to activate your card, you should follow the steps. The short description on the requirements required to your activate a Citi card that we have listed.

They help you like in the way of number, with cash back includer, bonus credit points and some free gift. The most benefit of activating the card of Citi bank is that you don’t need cash in your wallet, you can make transfers and you can easily buy. And then u need to complete all the activation of the Citi Bank Card quickly and easily, and the read the entire article.

Visit –

How to Signup With Citi Bank Account

You just want to go on for registration.

You need to click on the logo of Citi on the left side on it. In right section you have to click ‘Sign on to Accounts’. On drop-down the tap here on the ‘Banking with Citi’. On the new page of prompted you just have a small login tab in right bottom part of the page of prompted.

  • You have to enter all the details in your Account Information in the required field.
  • Have to provide a credit or debit Card number in it.
  • (or ) have to provide Bank account number.
  • Credit or debit card number have to enter.
  • Bank account number have to enter.
  • In the lower-left side of the button you have to click on ‘Continue set up’.

How to Login at Online Citi Bank

  • visit the site for login.
  • Click on the Citi logo in the top left. Click on the ‘Sign on to Account’ in the right section. In the ‘Banking with Citi’ drop-down tap on the 1st button it redirect open to login page, you can see the page of sign.
  • For login your Account you have to enter your User ID and Password in it.

Citi Bank Credit or Debit Card Activation


  • You have a device with good internet.
  • Card
  • Your card number
  • Bank ID
  • Your passcode
  • Security Code
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Have to fill the personal information including date of birth, your phone number, the email address which have a associated with the bank account.

Steps to Activate Citi Credit or Debit Card

  • You just click on
  • In the space provided you have to fill in the new Citi credit/debit card number.
  • Have to click on the blue button for “CONTINUE”.
  • On the other page of the site, you have to look and verify your details and continue it.
  • You just want to confirmation and start using it of your new credit/debit card from Citi.

Citi Bank Credit Activation by Phone Number

  • If by chance you do not verify the online banking system of your Citi bank credit card, visa, debit card, you have to called Citi bank customer service number 1860 210 2484.
  • You have to dial first 1860 number and then 210 2484.
  • Carefully hear a audio instruction of customer service and follow the steps of Citi bank credit card activation.
  • Have to enter your card number and your personal information in it.
  • Citi bank card Facilities will done all the Agreement with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Quick activation of a credit/debit card and enjoyment of your CITI BANK CREDIT CARD.

Steps to Activate Using Sms for Citi Bank Card

  • You have to follow the steps to have a start activate your Citi bank debit or credit card via SMS.
  • By using your mobilenumber you have to send an activation message –
  • <Last 4 digits of credit card number you have to ACT <space>
  • Once you have created the messages on your mobile phone then you will need to deliver the message to 6058.
  • Your messages from your phone instantly to the Citi bank will receive and the you will get notified that your Citi bank debit card or Citi bank credit has successfully been activated.

After completion of all the process of activation of Citi bank credit card, you have to sign it back to your Citi bank card to avoid fraud of your identity and your access of Citi bank Credit Card for verification in purposes. You should not send your confidential information with anyone.

You just want to know more about any type pf card and activation, including a store card you have to clink the official website and do visit


We have told about all the activating the credit card or debit card to be activated digitally. I hope you have like the post, and helped a lot, but I like to help everyone that anyone has facing the problems with is regarded to Citi bank card activation. Thanks! Thanks!

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